Facility Booking Terms and Conditions

Facility Booking Terms and Conditions:

All bookings are subject to existing By-laws and House Rules:

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In addition, you must read and agree to the following:

  • All bookings are subject to Management's approval.
  • Resident should adhere to the opening and closing hours of the facilities, such as Function Room, Entertainment Pavilion, Gourmet Cabana, Barbecue Pit and to vacate the facilities by the designated time.
  • Resident must inform the security personnel at clubhouse for inspection of the facility booked before and after use.
  • Volume of noise to be kept minimal so as not to cause annoyance/disturbance to neighboring units.
  • No smoking is allowed in and around the recreational areas including the Function Room and BBQ Pit.
  • Reservations of facilities such as the Function Room, Entertainment Pavilion, Gourmet Cabana and Barbecue Pit require a deposit/payment, which must be made at the management office within 168 hours after the bookings are made online. Failure to make the deposit/payment within the stipulated time will make the reservation lapse and the facility will be automatically made available to other residents.
  • Each apartment unit is entitled to book only one (1) facility at any one time. Booking of any other facility for the same time slot is strictly not allowed.
  • Please note that since deposit/payment is required within 168 hours after the bookings are made online; please approach the security counter at the clubhouse only if your booking is for the immediate slot. Security counter will not accept advance booking.
  • The Management reserves the right to refuse further bookings for a period of six (6) months and forfeiture of the deposit for non-compliance of the Rules and Regulations and including the By-Laws.
  • All cost incurred in cleaning the area or to rectify any damage done shall be borne by the resident concerned on an indemnity basis.
  • The management shall not be held responsible for any mishaps, injuries or loss of life, limb or property, damages or inconveniences sustained by Residents and their Guests, howsoever caused when using the recreational facilities.
  • Please print your online booking receipt for payment and verification.

I understand and agree to the above statements